Who we are, what we do.

As a small business, we have the ability to be flexible and adaptive to the needs of our customers, creating a more tailored version of our services.

One of the key services we focus on, is the port agency department, providing solutions for vessels that call Greek ports, such as general shipowner representation for ship clearances, crewing and ship management, protective agency services, representation during port state and classification audits, repairs and maintenance of seagoing equipment and many more.

Our ship brokerage department ensures through the experience and expertise, the marriage of vessels and cargoes to the customers needs. Either it be fixture of charter parties or consulting on contract signing for our clients, we always have your back.

Our freight forwarding department provides services to companies looking to establish a foothold in the Greek and Balkan markets by making use of our ability to provide logistical solutions for the forwarding of cargoes via rail, road or even air if need be. From bulk to project cargoes such as wind generators and large industrial machinery, we will deliver.

As a strong company in the industry, we offer business consultancy to our clients on running projects as well as consultancy to national authorities and institutions on strategy and policy making.

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Nicholas is the managing director of the company, bringing a fresh take on shipping and with a vision for the company’s future.


Having a plan and setting it in motion requires a good set of organisational skills, skills that we put to the test!


We ensure all aspects of safety are kept to the highest level in the workplace, mitigating risk in this highly volatile environment!